Thursday, January 14, 2010

Does TSA Stand for Three Stooges Association?

The government is so incompetent that it never put the Christmas-day underwear-bomber on the no-fly list - even though the nutjob's father reported his son't radical views to American authorities. But the TSA for several years has targeted Mikey Hicks, a cub scout from New Jersey who is eight years old. Nobody got fired after 9-11. Nobody got fired for this latest screw-up. Must be nice to have a government job:

Travel is a hassle for an 8-year-old Cub Scout from New Jersey. That's because Mikey Hicks shares the same name of a person who has drawn the suspicion of the Homeland Security Department. His mother tells The New York Times she sensed trouble when her son was a baby and she couldn't get a seat for him at a Florida airport. She says airline officials explained his name "was on the list." ...TSA officials have been under fire of late, after the failed Christmas Day terror plot aboard a U.S.-bound plane and a complete security breach led to a chaotic breakdown at Newark Liberty International Airport.

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