Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kudos to ABC News for Finally Exposing Obama's Big Lie about Keynesianism

Back during last year's debate over the so-called stimulus, the Cato Institute took out a full-page ad in several newspapers to highlight the fact that hundreds of economists, including Nobel laureates, rejected the notion that making government bigger would boost growth.

We published that ad because we couldn't believe Obama was asserting that "every economist, from the left and the right" endorsed a bigger burden of government spending. As one might expect, the ad had a big impact on the debate, particularly thinks to alternative media coverage such as blogs and talk radio.

The establishment media was a bit slow to pick up on the story, but our motto is better late than never, so yesterday it was good to see ABC News expose Obama's nonsensical claim about "every economist." The story even quotes me and links to one of my blog posts, though it would have been much more effective to link to Cato's stimulus ad (I'm not bashful, to be sure, but even I'm willing to admit that Nobel laureates rank higher).

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